Anodes Replacement

Usually 2 – 3 years after Drydocking anodes wasted and replacement is necessary.

Depends the LOA of the vessel 20 – 60 pieces aluminum anodes replaced by welding or by bolts.

For vessels equipped ICCP only at locations like Bow (stern) Thruster, Rudder etc.

U/W Propeller Polishing

Propeller blades should be polished if the surface roughness has been increased visibly strongly respective fouling has been observed.

Special polishing soft disks used by hydraulic units for Propeller Polishing up to grade A’ *

Equipment used for polishing the surface without loss of Propeller material, otherwise if normal abrasive disk used the blade thickness will reduced.

( * grade A depends the propeller condition )

Propeller Blade is like “mirror” of polishing machine ! ! !

U/W Hull Cleaning

HYDRAULIC EQUIPMENT – Many kind of u/w hull cleaning units ( mono / multi brushes )

Capability to carry out at many places world wide ( CLEANING UNITS FOR AIRPLANE TRANSPORTATION )

Capability to clean any kind of fouling.

Capability to clean without make damage to the coating.

U/W Ship’s Maintenance

From last up to the next Drydocking a vessel needs some UnderWater maintenance works to solves some problems.

Theoretically if a vessel is coated by good antifouling at drydock, these can keep also five years.

Essential precondition is the vessel to be sailing continuously.

If a vessel drop anchor or stay for long time in a harbour, then begins adhesion of some marine micro-organisms at all u/w parts.

Marine micro-organisms growth depends the remaining time and location with parameters like water temperature, water visibility, sea/fresh water, current, swell.

Marine growth has as result to increasing the “slipping”, as consequence is to decreasing the speed and increasing the fuel consumption.